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  1. Hi Guys! 

     After quite the turbulent year for small businesses far and wide, we thought we would document By Molly&Izzie’s journey throughout 2021!

     As we navigated our way through the first Quarter of the year and are now well on our way into  Summer (woohoo!) we thought we would reflect on some exciting business updates, what we’ve been up to and what we can’t wait for, so without further or do, let’s begin…

    It would seem spending what feels like a lifetime being in and out of lockdowns, has given us an unprecedented amount of ‘downtime’ - if you can dare call it that when homeschooling was a thing…but stick with us! 

    With more time at home and a break from the hustle and bustle of day to day ‘normal life’, there was a little more opportunity to let our creative juices free flow, heads scratched, and the time to look towards greener pastures. 

    It goes without saying that this has been an interesting time for all businesses, big and small, but weathering the storm has pathed the way to new and exciting opportunities.

    While we loved the simple and crisp designs of our original M&I products, we wanted to inject some colour and life into our offering, some much needed zest we’ve been missing, both in life and work!

    So, we will be a launching a brand new look and feel across By Molly & Izzie - eek! Think a website redesign, our social feeds filled with bright and bold colour, a look into behind the scenes from the girls at the M&I studio and of course, beautifully unique product ranges to match! It is so exciting…

    What else have we been up to, I hear you cry? Well…

    • We’ve had not one, but two new starters join the M&I team, Adam as our wonderful Jewellery Production & Packing Extraordinaire and Honor, our Social Media & Marketing whizz! Welcome to the team guys, we hope you like tea and cake…
    • But with good news comes the sad, our lovely Ellie is leaving the team! We are so sad to see her go but super proud of her new venture, joining the NHS! Ellie, you’re amazing & good luck! 
    • Otherwise, we’re counting down the days in the studio until we can get out in the sunshine for a cocktail or two. How about you?

    Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bymollyandizzie to keep up to date for all things NEW & behind the scenes fun!

    Take care & speak soon,

     Team M&I x 

    Quote Of The Moment : ’Every moment is a fresh beginning' - T.S Eliot