We are in awe of each and everyone who is working selflessly and tirelessly at the moment. From nurses and paramedics to teachers and all keyworkers.  You guys are amazing and we wanted to send some of you something to show you how fab you really are!

We’ve put together packs of these lovely little wishes that can be worn around the wrist or ankle and we need you to tell us where we should send them!

To let us know where these should be sent too simply click here to be taken to our facebook page where you can comment with the name of a hospital, a ward, a doctors surgery, a school or anywhere else that you want to have a pack of these sent.

Each pack will contain 10 wishes and we will send out as many packs as we can!

These wishes can be made for any occupation so if you want a pack sending to somewhere different just get in touch and we'll do our best!